DroneVue Imaging provides aerial videos, photographs and inspection services. We also provide consulting services for UAV operators and others seeking to navigate the regulatory framework.

DroneVue Imaging is also available to present interactive seminars on UAV operations in the Canadian environment, both web-based and in-person. For example, in 2018 DroneVue presented an iMeet seminar and PowerPoint module on specialized Cold Temperature UAV Operations in partnership with a prominent Quebec aviation college.

DroneVue’s imaging services

  • Videos are shot in 4K HD at up to 24 frames per second. The results are stable, undistorted and cinematic.
  • Still photographs are crisp, high-resolution 12 megapixel JPEG or RAW images that can be easily incorporated into electronic or hard copy reports as well as websites and social media sites.
  • Video and photographs are provided to clients unedited and without colour corrections. In-house editing is available for a small surcharge. We can arrange for professional post-production services if your needs are more complex.