We don’t believe drone imaging operations have to be overly complicated endeavours. DroneVue’s use of small crews, advance flight planning, and drones suitable to the task means we can complete your image capture projects efficiently. And at a reasonable cost.

  • DroneVue Imaging serves clients in insurance, appraisal, forensic engineering and other land and property sectors. We provide video and photo data for documentation purposes.
  • We’ve also worked extensively with independent filmmakers requiring smooth, cinematic aerial footage.
  • All drone flight operations are mission-planned, fully insured and done with a Transport Canada-issued National Standing Complex Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC). We deal with all the background work you don’t want to even think about.
  • Light and agile quadcopter drones with 4K cameras provide clear and stable HD video and high-resolution photos.
  • Small crews comprised of a Pilot-in-Command and one or two Visual Observers permit low-profile flight operations that keep your costs in check.
  • Unedited video or photographic files can be delivered within hours. If you need video or photo data in a hurry, we’re your company. Post-production services are available, if required. 

What’s Involved