There is lots of work involved in planning and flying a safe aerial imaging operation. And UAV operators love to drone on and on about flight operation details. But chances are you just want to know how the process works in general terms.

Typically, drone imaging operations involve the following steps:

  • Preliminary meeting and site survey. In some circumstances we can review on-line maps and satellite views instead of conducting an advance site survey. We’ll provide a quote of fees at this time.
  • Detailed site survey. During a site survey we identify potential flight paths and any obstacles that don’t show up on maps and satellite views.
  • Flight operation planning. We develop a flight plan that integrates your requirements with safe practices as determined by Canadian Aviation Regulations.
  • Preflight co-ordination. If required, we co-ordinate with local Air Traffic Control. Transport Canada regards non-recreational drones as aircraft.
  • Flight operation. Imaging projects usually involve two or three crewmembers working from Standard Operating Procedures and checklists. We function as professionals and always keep safety in mind.
  • The deliverables. We deliver unprocessed digital video or photographic files on a micro SD card. Minimal editing and colour corrections are available for a small extra fee and we can arrange for professional post-production services for more complex requirements.