Low-altitude aerial photography and videography have a variety of practical applications within both the real estate and machinery & equipment disciplines of the appraisal profession. As DroneVue’s Chief Pilot is an accredited appraiser with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) we understand the importance of accurate and relevant data collection for appraisal purposes. Aerial data collection has the following benefits:

  • A supplement to ground-based inspections of land, machinery and equipment. The Appraisal Foundation recently noted that a drone survey counts as a personal inspection provided it is in conjunction with the appraiser’s visitation of a subject property.
  • Detailed inspections will contribute to professional compliance with CUSPAP, USPAP and IVS and demonstrate a high level of due diligence to your clients.
  • Allows inspection and documentation of inaccessible parts of a structure such as roofs, balconies, walls, and high-level equipment.
  • Provides a more comprehensive view of subject properties.
  • Permits views of surrounding properties and terrain.
  • Digital aerial photographs can be easily incorporated into appraisal reports resulting in more expansive documents for clients.