In the right hands, drones can be a safe and relatively inexpensive way to conduct aerial inspections and collect video footage and still photos. But before you hire a drone operator, know these basics.

  • All non-recreational drone flights require a Transport Canada-issued Special Operations Flight Certificate (SFOC). DroneVue holds a Standing SFOC, so aerial imaging operations are professionally planned, safe and fully insured. As well, we don’t have to apply for SFOCs on a per project basis – a process that can take a number of weeks.
  • Drone flight operations require an advance survey of the site to ensure safe and legal flights. DroneVue Imaging always considers the lay of the land and any obstacles before putting drones in the air.
  • Drone operations require a 30 metre (100′) safety buffer zone separating the UAV from bystanders, buildings, property lines, vehicles and public roads that are not subject matter. We can quickly identify whether or not your site is suitable for a drone imaging operation.
  • Light drones with built-in cameras and small crews are always less costly for clients than heavy-lift drones with large cameras and substantial crews.

Our Approach